27 reactions every nurse experiences in a 12-hour shift

If you’re a nurse, you’ll be all too familiar with these common reactions nurses experience on the job. Prepare yourself! Things are about to get real…

1. When you arrive at work full of joy, hope and coffee:



2. When you find out there aren’t enough nurses and you’ve been assigned 50 patients:



3. When your coffee begins to wear off before your day starts, so you do the next logical thing:





4. When you run into one of your favorite nurse buddies:


5. When you find out that you two have been assigned different units:



6. When you’re down to your last pen and someone asks to borrow it:



7. When everything around you is falling apart but you still manage to put on your “resting nurse face” :



8. When a not-so-pleasant patient threatens to sign an AMA:



9. When a patient starts quoting WebMD:



10. When you find and stick a nice juicy vein on the first try:



11. When you catch an NPO patient trying to sneak a bite of food:



12. When you try different tactics to convince your stomach that it’s not empty:



13. When you stop to catch your breath for a second and realize you’re not doing as well as you thought you were:



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14. When a patient hits the call light for the tenth time in a row:



15. When you’ve reached the point where coffee in a cup is no longer working:



16. When you think you’ve seen it ALL in nursing…until one patient comes along to prove you wrong:



17. When your favorite patient gets discharged:



18. When a family member comes looking for you at the nurses station for the hundredth time:



19. When you walk into a dementia patient’s room and find him playing with poop…and you’re not quite sure whether or not it’s his own:



20. When you’re charting for the last patient of your shift:



21. When you’re ready to clock out and the charge nurse asks if you would like to work another shift:




22. When you’ve reached the end of your shift and you feel comfortable making statements like this:



23. When you see the next shift of nurses walking in:



24. When you’re ready to clock out for the day and realize you haven’t used the restroom in 12 hours:



25. When you take that first, heavenly step outside:



26. When you get into your car and waste NO time getting home:



27. When you have a chance to think about your day and you realize that, no matter how hectic things get, you wouldn’t trade the #NurseLife for anything else!


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2 Responses to 27 reactions every nurse experiences in a 12-hour shift

  1. apachemoo

    Worked as RN for over 32 years. ( 4 years on Med-Surg; 27 years ante and postpartum as well as labor and delivery and 1 year as an indusrtrial nurse. Never assume that a client’s visitor is father or grandfather!!!! Watch patient take her pain meds. Offered pain med to postpartum client and she was about to insert it into her genital area instead of taking it by mouth. One afternoon near end of shift I still had a mountain of IV piggybacks to administer and was so distraught that I had to run into restroom to cry. Also bring healthy snacks with you so you don’t have to eat a bag of chips and soda when the cafeteria is closed. Even after law was passed against mandatory overtime, a supervisor tried to force me into working a double shift. I asked her if she was trying to lay a guilt trip on me. I refused and went home. There was a time when they could ‘float’ you anywhere even though you were not familiar with the patients or medications, I refused and was suspended for 1 day. Thankfully my director told me to write a report about this and was on my side!

  2. Paula Daniel

    Love this,lol, feel like some of these most of the time