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3 apps to help make your workday easier


Are you always on the hunt for phone apps that will make your life and/or job just a little bit easier? There are a lot of apps out there to sort through, but we’re doing the work for you and looking for the best apps available for nurses! (Psst! Check out some of our past highlights here.)
Today, we’re sharing three apps we’ve never spotlighted before, and we really think they could help to make your workday a little bit easier. If you’ve got a smartphone (or tablet), check these out and let us know what you think in the comments below!



Mediquations is one of the most comprehensive medical calculators available in the App Store. The app makes it efficient to get the answers you need on the go, with more than 230 formulas and scoring tools housed in an easy-to-navigate setup. References, full equation, detailed information, relevant pictures and Pubmed links are available for each scoring tool, and you can use it on your iPhone, tablet or any other smartphone. ($4.99)



iRx is a thorough pharmaceutical reference tool that helps you quickly get FDA information on specific drugs. The “electronic learning tool” was developed to help students learn about current drug trends, but is used by professionals as well–it records information about key medicines (such as the clinical therapeutics and the underpinning basic science) under clear, easy to remember “BRAINS and AIMS” headings. The information can be recorded by (free) text, images, web links and voice recordings. The app currently contains a student formulary of over 200 commonly prescribed medicines. (Free)



Here we have a great tool for critical care, ICU and ER nurses. This comprehensive app not only includes information about vasoactive agents, but gives dosing and treatment information for almost every single type of critical care situation that arises. The guide also covers tons of pressors, continuous infusions and other medications needed to treat your patients. ($15.99)

Nurses, what’s your favorite app to use at work? Have you tried any of the ones we spotlighted? 

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