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3 Breast Cancer Survivors Thank Nurses


Some ways that friends & nurses can make patients “Smile”:

  • Send Cards (Smile #1) “because getting something in the mail every day was incredible!”
  • Tell Them Repeatedly How Awesome They Are (Smile #2): “Because my Mom told me every day, and even more so on the really, really hard days.”
  • Send customized M&Ms (Smile #3): “It was the first time I had ever seen them, I love chocolate, and my sister was the one who did it.”
  • Magic Head Rub (Smile #26): “It was created, performed and named by my nephew Matthew and niece, Carly.”
  • Just Be There (Smile #39): “That’s what many, many, many people did, and without that there would be no book.”

-Susan Rief, 9-year breast cancer survivor and author of “39 Things To Make A Cancer Patient Smile

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