3 fitness fads you dared to try (and what to do differently!)


Time is of the essence for every nurse, so finding time to work out often plays second fiddle to other things like sleeping and, well, eating. So you seek out different ways to fit in just a few minutes of extra time for working out. And sometimes, that means you fall for “quick fix” fitness fads. Hey, we get it: we’re all human and sometimes those marketing ploys even “get” us!
Well, we are here to set the record straight and give you some tips just in case you’ve found yourself with a Shake Weight (we won’t tell anyone, we promise). We have included just three fads of recent note and some ways you can work out better and more efficiently, because you don’t have time to waste on gimmicks!

1. 8 Minute Abs 

8 Minute Abs

Remember these? The videos that claimed that, with 8 minutes a day, you too could get washboard abs? A lot of people bought in to this and many other fads like it.

The reality is this: You can’t get washboard abs by simply doing crunches daily. Then how do you get ’em? You must first get on a good nutrition plan–those washboard abs you see are of people who have an absence of fat around their mid-section. Then, work out! We recently discovered this cool workout for abs that you can check out here.

So the short end of what we are saying above: you can’t spot train fat. You could do 10,000 crunches a day, but if you aren’t getting good nutrition and doing cardio, it isn’t going to make a big difference.

2. ThighMaster


Remember Suzanne Somers touting this nifty gadget? Well, we can almost guarantee that at least a handful of our readers have one of these hidden away in the basement or attic. Sure, it may seem like it’s working those thighs, but in reality it’s not doing anything.

Much like the 8 Minute Abs above, you can’t spot train fat. In a perfect world it works, but as nurses know, we don’t live in a perfect world. So instead of using the ThighMaster, change your nutrition habits, and train your entire legs with these quick body weight leg exercises you could do while on your “lunch” break.

3. The Shake Weight

Shake Weight

Who can forget this incredible device? The infomercials alone were laughable! Their claim is that through repeated motion, the Shake Weight will help tone the upper biceps, triceps and shoulders. Now, for a nurse with little time on your hands, this could be be appealing (in the privacy of your own home, of course!); however, the problem with the Shake Weight is that it doesn’t allow full range of motion or resistance.

So instead of using something like the Shake Weight, why not grab some resistance bands and try these excellent bicep and triceps workouts! One plus: you can safely take these to work with you without looking like a fool.

Bonus: Prancercising

Ok, this one is a little far-fetched. We highly doubt you actually tried it (we hope!). But the utter ridiculousness of this is just too much to not share this hilarious gif and relive the glory of the best fitness video ever.


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