3 of Katie Duke’s biggest fears

Nurses handle scary situations all the time at work…usually without breaking a sweat. However, there are certain things (like gigantic, hairy spiders! Eek!) that make even the bravest of nurses freak out.

In this week’s ScrubsBeat episode of “The Katie Duke Show” and in the spirit of Halloween, Katie Duke shares three things that spook her out and send her into panic mode!

Share some of your own fears in the comments below!

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Katie Duke


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One Response to 3 of Katie Duke’s biggest fears

  1. rshevzov

    I’m right there with you on the spiders! I got a fresh post op patient up to the bathroom one night, and as she was slowly/finally getting on the toilet I happened to look down and saw a spider and I ran out of the bathroom and found the other nurse I was working with that night and told her she had to go check on my patient in the bathroom and kill the spider that’s in there with her! The other nurse came back laughing so hard at me because she said that spider was so small she almost couldn’t see it!