3 simple things you can do at work to improve your health




It’s no secret that most of us could stand to improve our health, at least a bit. Knowing this fact and finding the time to do something about it–especially as a busy nurse!–are two very different things, though.

But there are quite a few small things we can do during the course of our days (and even at the hospital!) that can improve our health and quality of life. The Los Angeles Times has published a list of 50 simple things you can introduce into your daily routine to (nearly) effortlessly improve your health.

Though it is not exclusive to nurses, many of the items seem tailor-made to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Some are obviously catered to those who do a lot more sitting than nurses typically do, but there are still some great ideas on the list. Here’s a quick sample:

1. Walk or bike to work once a week.

32. Create friendly challenges among co-workers or departments. Tally up step counts once a month: Losers buy the winners a healthful lunch.

35. Instead of Friday night happy hour, how about Friday night healthy hour? Bring in wholesome snacks to share before walking over to the local watering hole for a drink. (Think of all the money and junk-food calories you’ll save on bar food.)

Check out the full list over at Then tell us–which of these would you try? What are you already doing to stay healthy?


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