3 Stories Of Dedicated Nurses Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart


3 Stories Of Dedicated Nurses Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart
The compassion and dedication of nurses inspire them to go above and beyond when caring for patients. For many nurses, their patients hold a special place in their heart and drive them to work harder every day. The following heartwarming stories of inspired nurses dedicated to their patients shed light on how important it is to always do what we can take care of each other.

Dedicated Medical Staff Makes Teenage Boy’s Last Days More Bearable

James O’Mara, a healthy boy of only 13, died one week after being diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. James was a star rugby athlete in his home of Worcester, England. He was taken to the hospital after he claimed to be feeling very sick. Soon after, James was diagnosed. Nurses worked hard night and day, doing everything they could to help James stay as comfortable as possible as the leukemia rapidly attacked his organs.

Following his tragic, untimely death, the O’Mara family voiced their deep gratitude to the hardworking doctors and nurses that gave James constant compassionate medical attention during his short time at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The doctors and nurses worked nonstop 12-hour shifts during which they gave James over 89 units of blood products. James’ aunt Amanda Tanner witnessed one of the nurses perform one of James’ blood transfusions by hand, removing blood with one syringe and inputting new blood with another.

The family was heartbroken when James passed away suddenly in the hospital, but they will never forget the dedication of the doctors and nurses who worked as hard as they could to make James’ last days as comfortable as possible.

Nurses Dance the ‘Hokey Pokey’ and Turn a Sick Girl’s Day Around

3-year-old Madison Austin was born with Neuronal Migration Disorder, a condition that negatively affects the development of brain and muscle tissue. Madison’s condition required her to be hospitalized for lung treatment when she began experiencing breathing issues. Madison’s oxygen levels rapidly declined to the point that she was having life-threatening seizures.

During her time at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois, Madison was listening to music with her mother and fell in love with the “Hokey Pokey.” Madison was so excited about her new favorite song that she shared it with every nurse that came in to help her with her treatment.

After hearing Madison adorably invite each nurse to her room for a “Hokey Pokey party,” registered nurse Natalie Serra decided to make Madison’s musical dream come true. Natalie gathered a team of nurses for Madison’s dance party and surprised Madison with a special performance of the “Hokey Pokey” in the comfort of her own room. Seeing the look of happiness on Madison’s face as she sang and danced with everybody brought joy to all of the nurses, reminding them that creating joy is what nursing is all about.

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