30 things I’ve learned in nursing school

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Looking for a comprehensive guide that will get you through nursing school without a hitch? Well, we’re here to tell you that there is no such thing.

Nursing school is a whirlwind—it’s the nature of the beast! However, this list by nursing student Lelisa Beth Gross is full of indispensable wisdom, encouragement and expert “back to school” tips you’ll be grateful to have in your back pocket—#13 or #28 could be any nursing student’s personal mantra!

30 things I’ve learned in nursing school

1. Time is precious. Make every second count (this is so cliché, but trust me). Laundry will always be there, that test you have on Monday will not.

2. Do not procrastinate. Do you have a project due in four weeks? Get started as soon as you are handed the assignment. Being finished with something long before it’s due is a huge relief. You will have enough stress; don’t add fuel to the fire.

3. Save everything to a flash drive. Put this flash drive on your keychain that is with you daily. You never know when a paper will be misplaced, forgotten, etc. A flash drive will become your best friend, and you’ll treat it as if it were made of gold. (It is THAT precious!)

4. Don’t burn bridges. So what if the teacher was wrong? So what if you feel slighted? Don’t make a big deal of things. It will help you in the long run.

5. Don’t complain. Just don’t. You never know who’s listening. Save your rant for a night out or phone conversation with nursing friends.

6. Care plans. Learn to love them. Sorry!

7. Don’t suck up to the instructors. They’ll just talk about you behind your back. Yes, they really will. No one likes a suck-up. Be nice and courteous, but don’t go overboard with it.

8. Treat your patients/clients as your own family. Be nice to them, listen to their stories and DON’T act like they’re taking up your time. You are there for them. Many times patients will brag about you to your instructor. This goes a long way! If you don’t have an outgoing personality, try to press through that. Patients know when you are anxious, scared or just don’t want to be there. Don’t make them feel bad for needing care.

9. Don’t bring your cell phone into the classroom or clinical area. Learn to part with that precious gadget. If you must have it with you, place it on silent the minute you walk through the doors. And for the love of Pete, don’t text during class.

10. Group study is your friend.


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