30 things I’ve learned in nursing school

30 things I’ve learned in nursing school cont’d!

11. You will gain weight.

12. Learn to live with a messy house or learn to accept help. It’s nearly impossible to deal with everything on your own.

13. You are not superman/superwoman.

14. When test time comes around, don’t panic. Make sure to eat beforehand. Going in with a full belly and clear mind does wonders.

15. Learn to delegate time. Which is more important: going out bowling with family/friends or studying? If you chose the first option, perhaps you aren’t ready for nursing school.

16. Pay attention to medication commercials. Oddly enough, you’ll recall the side effects, etc., better than memorizing from a card.

17. Just go ahead and deal with the fact that the next two to four years of your social life will be gone. You may think this is an exaggeration, but it isn’t. You will miss birthday parties, dinners, get-togethers and other events. Don’t feel bad; it’s a necessary evil.

18. Try to squeeze in a weekend getaway after each semester, even if it’s to a local national park. A few days away from technology are good for the soul. Leave everything behind, take a friend, spouse or your family and relax! After all, you deserve it.

19. Become friends with those in the class ahead of you and below you. Those ahead can guide you through upcoming semesters with wisdom. Those below you will need your guidance. Remember, nursing school is one big happy dysfunctional family.

20. Celebrate classmates’ achievements. Don’t envy or become jealous. You are family, and family encourages in both good times and bad. You’ll have your day, so support those around you in theirs.


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5 Responses to 30 things I’ve learned in nursing school

  1. nrs.jodi RN

    The ‘you will gain weight’ comment is baloney! You can choose to gain weight or to stay in shape. Its not that hard to choose to eat right and get some exercise in, make yourself a priority. I’m an RN in a BSN program while working full time…weight gain? I don’t think so! I’m in the best shape of my life, that is a choice.

  2. JennRN RN

    Your article is right on. I didnt find study groups very helpful though. We were always off track and talking about non-relevant things. We did more talking than studying. I prefered to study on my own, making note cards with answers on the back that I could quiz myself with.
    And finally, I did make some of my best friends now in nursing school.
    Lastly, take the NCLEX ASAP. Dont put it off a month thinking you will study more for it. You wont. Take it as early as you can. If you dont know the info then, you probably wont later.

  3. wopwop03 Liked Commenter

    Can someone please explain # 23 (U’s are bad, mmmkay?) for me?

    • Abby Student

      U stands for Unsatisfactory. You can’t pass with U s. it is very annoying to need to retake a class because of a U in clinical

  4. Abby Student

    #14. Also, make sure to sleep. The one test that I had that I did not sleep well before, I scored a whole letter grade lower than my usual. I try to finish studying two days before the exam. The day before is for brief review, relaxation, last minute memorization of charts, and early zzzs. Caffeine the night before a test is a no-no. Besides for keeping you awake, also you’ll need to go to the bathroom the whole night