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4 Benefits of Switching Over Your Career to Become a Travel Nurse


Take Your Career to New Heights as a Travel Nurse

If you’ve always wanted to travel but taking time off work isn’t exactly realistic, you might be interested in becoming a travel nurse. This means instead of working at the same hospital day-in and day-out, you’ll get to work at different healthcare centers all over the country. Your employer will help you find temporary job openings, reimburse your travel expenses, and provide fully-furnished living accommodations, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. Discover the benefits of working as a travel nurse.

Make Traveling a Part of Your Job

Some people wait their entire lives to travel around the country. After all, traveling costs money and usually means taking time off work. But as a travel nurse, traveling will be a part of your job. You’ll get to spend time in cities and communities all over the country. Demand for travel nurses tends to be highest in states like California, New York, and Texas. You might spend a week or several months in your new host city, depending on the length of the job. All your travel expenses will be reimbursed, so you can hit the road without depleting your savings account.

Expand Your Network

Being a travel nurse means getting to work with people all over the country. You’ll meet new nurses, managers, and other healthcare providers as you take on new job assignments. This is a great networking opportunity or a chance to make some life-long friends. Meeting the right person can help you take your career to new heights. You’ll also learn more about the healthcare profession and your craft. If you enjoy meeting new people, you’ll feel right at home as a travel nurse.

Take Control of Your Schedule

As a travel nurse, you also get to set your own schedule. Typically, you’ll be paired with a travel nurse host company that finds temporary nursing jobs all over the country. Then, it’s up to you to decide where you want to work and how long you want to stay. If you want some extra time off, you can work a few weeks in Dallas, take a few weeks off, and then find a new job when you’re ready to go back to work.

Earn More for Your Time

Travel nurses make some of the highest rates in the industry. If you’re willing to travel across the country for a job, your temporary employer will make it up to you with a generous rate of pay. You may also receive referral bonuses for recruiting new nurses and discounts on great restaurants and events in your new host city. You’ll also receive great health benefits, including dental and vision. The median compensation for a permanent nurse is $66,640 per year, but travel nurses can make as much as six figures a year, depending on their experience and specialization.


New adventures are waiting. Realize your full potential as a healthcare provider and sign up to be a travel nurse today!


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