4 best glasses accessories for nurses

Got four eyes and nowhere to keep those frames while you’re on the go at the hospital? We rounded up four cute ways to keep your specs handy, safe and well-accessorized!

Bess Time - Glasses Holder

This retractable badge holder can not only hold IDs, but also glasses! Pin it to your scrubs top and clip on your glasses whenever you don’t need them. Voilà, easy access! (Bess Time, $18)


DA Lanyards - Eyeglass necklace lanyard

This gorgeous and lightweight lanyard is handmade and will hold your glasses safely around your neck. It even has a breakaway clasp in case the lanyard gets caught on something (or pulled by little hands in peds!). (DA Lanyards, $15)


Goody Girl Red - vintage statuette

Stash this adorable vintage RN clay figure on your desk or in your locker, and you can rest your glasses against him when you don’t need them! (Goody Girl Red, $14)


Sew Pro Designs - nurse themed car visor

Do you need glasses on your drive to work but not otherwise? Keep them safe in this nurse-themed car visor while you’re on the job. (Sew Pro Designs, $24)

What do you think, nurses? Do you wear glasses, and if so, would you use one of these accessories? Let us know in the comments below!

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