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4 Brands Turning Standard Scrubs Into A Fashion Statement


For as long as nurses have been attending to patients, there has been interest in the style of clothing they wore. At one time the dress code was nothing more than an apron thrown over a dress until that changed into a standard white uniform with perky white hat. Yet in a busy healthcare environment, this attire was far from being practical.
The uniforms worn today by most nurses have evolved from the operating room attire introduced in the 1960’s. Scrubs – named for their use in a “scrubbed” environment – refer to the green uniforms worn by surgical staff when performing procedures and operations on patients. The comfortable pants and shirt style was quickly adopted by other healthcare workers, who were also quick to use different patterns and colors to set them apart from other medical departments.

Non-surgical scrubs today are versatile, typically having pockets, loops, and hooks to make them convenient for busy nurses. They are also made using tactile materials that allow for free and fast movements when needed. Despite this need for functionality and special fabrics, a number of companies have also figured out ways to make nurses scrubs double as a fashion statement:

  • CherokeeCherokee is a nursing scrub super brand, designing, and selling everything you need from head to toe. You will find a variety of different fabrics, some of which are constructed to be slimming while others act as a barrier against fluids. There is also the Tooniform collection! Perfect for nurses who specialize in pediatrics, these scrubs are bedecked in images of your favorite cartoon personalities. Cherokee is a well-known brand in nursing scrubs, continually offering stylish medical uniforms of high quality.
  • Dickies – A brand long-known for its work clothes (and breaking into fashion with bros and punks in the 2000s), Dickies offers a great variety of scrubs. Whether you prefer solid colors or a little more color, the Dickies line has gained popularity for its great fits and reasonable prices.
  • Sapphire Scrubs – Who ever said nurses can’t look good and feel good? Sapphire offers a high-end look for female nurses. This is the perfect purchase for the nurse who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort or elegance.
  • Anywears Let’s not forget about footwear! Nurses are on their feet for hours on end, and having a comfortable shoe is essential. Crocs have taken off in recent years, but Anywears takes it to the next level. There is a variety of styles and patterns to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you love!

With the fashion found in nursing scrubs today, there is no reason why you can’t show up to each shift looking and feeling fantastic. Treat yourself a little bit and show off your personality with fun prints and colors, while maintaining optimal comfort and movement with any of these popular nursing scrub brands.

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