4 Countries Contending For Global Healthcare Supremacy


Costa Rica Tops USA In Health Service Rankings

While Costa Rica tops many lists–top place to retire, favorite beach destination–it also tops out our lists of countries in regards to medical services provided.

In fact, World Health Organization ranks Costa Rica above the United States. Why? The Costa Rican government has taken note of the influx of medical tourism to the country and has significantly invested in medical projects, organizations and facilities.

The result? A large American expat community, and a massive influx of American tourists seeking medical attention.  

Qatar Emerges As A New Force In The Global Healthcare Market

Emerging as a world contender on the medical care stage, Qatar’s universal healthcare system is drawing attention.

Qatar, the wealthiest country in the Middle East has invested a huge stake in their recently adopted universal health care plan. The government established Hamad Medical Corporation runs a network of hospitals, all accredited through the Joint Commission.

Still not sold on traveling to the middle east for a medical treatment? With the purchase of international health insurance, state of the art medical treatments can be available to you at a fraction of the price as other countries charging an out of pocket expense.

Amid major government spending in healthcare industries around the world, one thing is clear, we as patients have a number of options. As our domestic policies continue to shape and settle, the popularity of traveling abroad for medical attention will continue to grow. Factoring in cost, available technology, and ease of access to high-end services only reserved for the wealthy at home, how could it not?

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