4 Instagram feeds for nurses to follow: Male nurse edition

Fellas, your numbers are growing. According to data from the study Men in Nursing Occupations, the number of male LPNs and VPNs has more than doubled since 1970. And the number of male RNs has more than tripled.
Despite these awesome stats, the feedback we’ve received from our Men in Nursing Facebook audience tells us that it can still feel pretty lonely out there for a male nurse. We want to help you grow your male nurse brethren and suggest you start by following these gents on Instagram.

Nurse Mendoza is a self-described “gentleman by day, murse by night.” He’s an ED nurse who has seen it all. He posts anonymous patient stories to his Instagram feed that are pretty darn gross (you’ve been warned), but fascinating.


Truth!! #NightShiftProblems #nurseproblems #schizo #dementia #zombielife A photo posted by Male Nurse Problems (@malenurseprobz) on

Need a laugh? This account keeps the laughs coming with meme after meme of nurse humor.


It’s time to hustle.

A photo posted by ThatNurseBert (@thatnursebert) on

Need more laughter to help you get through your shift? @thatnursebert has the rare gift of describing nurse life perfectly.

This account is run by a male nurse whose “mission is to help all people stay sharp and educated on nursing.”


What are your must-follow Instagram accounts? Share your favorites below and don’t forget to check out our feed!

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