4 literary Pins for nurses

Back-to-school season makes us want to head to our nearest bookstore and crack open a real-life book. Whether you haven’t yet escaped the life of a nursing student and are letting out an audible groan at the idea of more reading or can’t remember the last time you actually held a physical book, here are some lit-themed Pins we think you need to see. They’ll help get you in a back-to-school state of mind (even if you’ve been out of school for years!).


Words to remember during those particularly difficult night shifts.



There’s nothing like drinking your coffee out of a mug with one of Shakespeare’s famous zingers.



Bring this Pride and Prejudice pillow to work in case you ever get a chance to use the break room.



We bet you “lose” a lot of writing utensils, right? These clever pencils help you identify the coworkers who have permanently “borrowed” yours.




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One Response to 4 literary Pins for nurses

  1. tom combs

    Limiting or doing without pleasure reading is one of the sacrifices medical training demands – ouch!
    For those who love the wonder and enjoyment that books bring the months or years of lost pleasure-reading is a big loss. Get it where you can!
    If interested in an edgy suspense-packed read with an underpinning of credible critical care please consider checking out this earlier Scrubs article
    All the best to those studying in preparation for their noble and meaningful work.