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4 quirks of an over-the-hill nurse


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This past week I turned the big FOUR-OHHH. Aside from constantly wondering if I’m going to have the traditional mid-life crisis, turning 40 wasn’t all that bad. Of course, people made the traditional jokes and puns. As a freshly minted 40-year-old, I thought I’d comically reflect on what it’s like to be an “over the hill” nurse.


When did the monitors get smaller??

  • I find myself squinting a lot lately. Did Zoll and Phillips get together to pull an April Fool’s Day prank on me? Maybe it’s my old age?

The elevator looks more appealing.

  • Though the stairs are so much better for my health, the elevator seems much more appealing to my crack-a-lackin’ knees and my popping ankles. Maybe it’s my old age?

What call bell? I didn’t hear anything!

  • My co-workers seemed annoyed and the patients are angry. Apparently, there was a call bell ringing for the past 30 minutes. I swear I didn’t hear it. Maybe it’s my old age?

What department meeting?

  • I missed this month’s meeting? It was yesterday? I told you I would be there? You saw me write down the date? Hmm, I’m pretty sure I would have remembered. Maybe it’s my old age?

I hope you caught on to my sarcastic undertone. Truth be told, not a darn thing has changed for me as a nurse. If anything has changed, it’s my outlook on what it’s like to be 40 (boy, was I wrong).

I can remember thinking turning 40 was like punching the last hole on your ticket. Game over. It’s all downhill from that point forward. Turning 40 had to be the worst!

Did I mention how wrong I was? Turning 40 is the new 30, folks. I can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for me!

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