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4 sites you might not have thought of that can help your nurse job search


Wavebreak Media | ThinkStock

Wavebreak Media | ThinkStock

It’s unfortunately something every nurse already knows: Searching for a job is never easy! If you’re already working while you’re looking for a new job, the hunt can seem like a second full-time job. If you’re not working, then it may feel like you have one unpaid, full-time job, which can be even worse.

Since much of the job search today is done online, all those hours in front of the glowing screen can start to take its toll on you, particularly after it seems like you’ve exhausted all the obvious options. That can range from applying directly to the facilities in your area to wading the wider waters of and

We put together a list of nursing job sites that may not be so obvious…and can help expand the number of positions open to you. And as always, no matter what kind of job search you are undertaking, be sure to check out our Nurse’s Guide to Hospitals for more information on the facilities you find.

As you’d expect from the URL, USAJOBS lists government positions that range from work at VA hospitals to the Department of Health and Human Services to civilian positions in the military. As the tagline of the site says: “Working for America.”

While this certainly won’t interest all nurses, it does provide a large number of open positions around the country. In fact, a recent search of “nurse” on the site yielded more than 1,200 results.

Your local county, city and/or state website

On a more local level for government jobs, you may want to check your county, city and state homepages. Jobs can range from corrections facility nurses to school nurses and much more. And while the selection of jobs here will be slimmer than the federal government site, opportunities are constantly changing, so you’ll likely want to check back often.

Scrubs job board

Did you know we have a job board right here on the Scrubs site? How convenient! Check it out to see if there are any openings in your area.


And now for something completely different. PivotPlanet doesn’t provide job listings, but instead provides advisors in the fields you are looking to go into. While this may not help those who already know what kind of nurse position they want, it can be a great resource for those thinking about going into nursing, or thinking about earning a new degree to become an advanced practice nurse. While speaking with an advisor (which can be done over the phone or through video conferencing) does cost money, this can be a great resource for someone thinking about a new nursing career who doesn’t have an advisor in the field.


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