4 Social Tools that are Changing the Game in Healthcare


It’s 2018, and there’s no shortage of tech products to help better our day to day lives. From scheduling apps, reminders and lifestyle based solutions. But what about those making a difference in healthcare? Software that is helping bridge the gap between consumer and doctor, Nurse and Hospital. Here we take a look at 5 tech products that are helping change the game in our line of work.

  1. True
    True is a social validation tool, and is helping bridge the gap between consumers and all areas of health, from vets to doctor locations. Signing up with a new doctor, dentist or veterinarian for your pooch can be daunting. You want to rely on reviews, but even one small negative can disable you from making a decision. True helps you decide which option is for you by showing true social validation, in other words – it shows you how many people trusted to use that business in any given time frame.Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.26.49 AM
    Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 9.27.02 AM
    The purpose of the tool is to show how many other people are making an active decision on a website, business or store. Would it make you feel more at ease if you saw how many people booked with a dentist, vet or doctor? True thinks so, and has helped businesses in the health industry increase their bookings by up to 140%.You can read more or sign up at –
  2. Nurse GridIf you haven’t heard of Nurse Grid, you should have. It’s changed the game in Nursing scheduling and communication. It aims to help Nurses communicate better and by any stretch of the imagination does the right job. Simply put, it’s a calendar for Nurses and departments. Imagine all of you synced on one platform, communicating to each other, knowing who’s doing what. Nurse Grid is like a Google calendar on steroids.It offers a mobile version just for Nurses whereby you can enter all of your shifts. It’s algorithm helps remember repeat shifts and meetings so that future input becomes easier. It’s department calendar is really where the app takes shape. A department manager installing Nurse Grid can see all of their Nurses in one easy place and communicate with you through the app.Nurse Grid
  3. DynaMedFake news? We think not. DynaMed puts clinicians at ease with evidence based documentation that helps medical professionals at the point of care. Dynamed claims on it’s site that independent studies have ranked DynaMed higher than other clinical reference services in its category. These studies directly compared several well-known, point-of-care reference resources. Study findings have showed that DynaMed is the most current evidence-based point-of-care reference database.
  4. Doctors on DemandIt was only a matter of time before Doctors went virtual, and Doctors on Demand shows no signs of slowing down. Need a doctor? For $50 per visit (which can be less than your co-pay) you can load up a video chat with a doctor in minutes, have your medication prescribed and be back in the comfort of your own home within 30 minutes! If your doctor is booked for a few months or weeks out – you may want to give Doctors on Demand a try. Download here.

What other apps or software have you noticed that makes a change in healthcare? Let us know in the comments below.



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