4 Ways To Protect Yourself From A UTI

The Dangers of UTIs

It’s Urology Nurses and Associates Week from November 1st to 7th, a time to honor and appreciate those of us who work in urology. Being a urology nurse can be a rather thankless job. It’s probably second only to proctology when it comes to jokes at its expense. But in reality, urologists and urology nurses are doing a really important job. Problems with the urinary tract can have serious consequences and complications.


Even routine urinary tract infections can be dangerous. Many of us get them periodically. Women are far more likely to get them than men, due in part to having shorter urethras. Some women are particularly prone to UTIs, and get them frequently throughout their lifetimes. The reasons for this aren’t completely clear, but there is probably a genetic component. Women with ABO blood may be more susceptible to pathogenic E. coli strains that ascend up into the urinary tract and cause these infections.


Urinary tract infections may be fairly routine for some women, but they can also carry the risk of serious complications. While they often resolve on their own, it’s a good idea to seek treatment when they occur.


UTI Complications


Untreated UTIs can lead to potentially serious complications. This is especially true for pregnant women and the elderly, but other people can also experience them.

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