5 easy while-you-work exercises to keep nurses fit

5 easy while-you-work exercises to keep nurses fit

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself at your desk for a minute–or if you pass by a desk and nobody’s there!–take 30 or 45 seconds and bang out the following exercises:

  • Dips. Put your bum on the edge of the desk, and rest your palms on the edge of the desk about an inch away from your thighs. Gently lower yourself down and push yourself up again, and repeat as many times as you can in the time you’ve given yourself. Great for your triceps and shoulders.
  • Desk Push-Ups. Place your palms down on the edge of the desk, take a step back and lower yourself down. The closer you can get your chest to the desk, the better the exercise. Great for your chest and arms.
  • Side Push-Ups. Same idea as the desk push-up, but instead of using both arms to push yourself up, you will use one arm, and your body will be pointing to the side of the desk. Side push-ups are an incredible exercise, and no matter how fit you are, you’ll feel it working immediately!

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to last a long time to be great for you. It’s kind of inspiring to think that in less than a minute, you can do something good for your health!

Quick note–with all of these, you’ll want to make sure the desk is stable before starting!


Another super-simple exercise that only takes you a few minutes and you can do anywhere. Learn a few basic stretches and incorporate them into your daily routine. They may not get your heart pumping, but stretches reduce the risk of injury–and given the high number of nurses who develop back, knee and foot problems, injury prevention is a worthwhile activity!

Quick Fitness Break in the Stairwell

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