5 easy while-you-work exercises to keep nurses fit

5 easy while-you-work exercises to keep nurses fit

If you want to fit a mini-workout into your work routine, the stairwell is your best friend. If you can spend three or four minutes doing the following exercises, you’ll be well on your way to better health and a better physique:

  • Lunges. If you were to do walking lunges down a hallway, you’d look a little crazy. That’s why stationary lunges in the stairwell are perfect. Bend your front knee to 45 to 90 degrees, and then when ready, jump and switch legs mid-air.
  • Roman Chairs. Find a wall, place your back flat against it and settle down into a sitting position. A half-minute of a Roman Chair and your quadriceps will be feeling the heat!
  • One-Foot Lifts. Grab the stair railing with your hand and lift one foot. Push yourself onto your tippie-toes on your standing foot. Bonus points if you can let go of the rail and use your balance!

Finally, Use Your Time Wisely!

Five minutes of focused, intense cardio can be better than an hour of goofing off at the gym. The secret is to make work-workouts a priority, and do them during every shift. Exercise makes you happier, healthier and feel great–so don’t deny yourself!

Matthew Morris is a clinical therapist and a hospital administrator, and runs a site dedicated to helping people become nurse assistants. If you need to contact him, you can check the stairwell, where he’s probably doing Roman Chairs.

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