5 grab-and-go accessories for nurses


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Are you looking for a way to spice up your scrubs without spending a fortune? Sometimes, just having the right accessory on hand can make you feel more put together.

Here are five items that will fit your budget and put a little something extra into your outfit before you rush to work.

Don’t Sweat About Your Hair
With summer approaching, the heat and humidity can wreck your hair before you even get to the hospital. A brightly patterned scrubs cap lets you take a break from trying to look perfectly coifed. A cap is the one-size-fits-all solution for taming hair frizz. It also adds a new twist to a boring ponytail. If you have longer hair that makes your neck sweaty, tucking it up into the cap can help you stay cooler. Use those extra minutes you save on your hair to apply a little mascara and lip gloss instead. That way, you look trendy instead of lazy.

Baby Phat Surgical/Skull Cap

Beauty’s Only Ankle Deep
Sometimes, no one needs to know about your accessories but you. That’s the case with brightly patterned ankle socks. Wear fashionable socks to send yourself a message and put some pep in your step. If you’re feeling bold (and you’re wearing dark colored scrubs), match your other undergarments to the color of your socks. This is a sneaky way to accessorize when your hospital has a really strict dress code.

Ankle Socks

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