5 grab-and-go accessories for nurses


Can You Dangle a Bangle?
If your job allows you to wear a bracelet, it’s still a good idea to make sure it doesn’t get in the way. A style with an adjustable cord lets you easily wear it the way you want. The bracelet stays where you put it on your wrist instead of riding up and down your arm. A silver caduceus is the perfect charm for a nurse’s bracelet, and blue fashion beads will look great with most skin tones.

Bracelet in Blue

Accessorize Your Accessories
Besides a lanyard, what’s the most common item you wear around your neck at work every day? Is it a stethoscope? If so, you can personalize your scope with a decorative ID tag. Choose a flower or bird pattern, or a funny phrase to put smiles on patients’ faces. You can write your name on the back of the tag so everyone knows it’s yours. This is the perfect accessory if you’re picky about your stethoscope and have bought your own to use at work.

Stethoscope ID Tag

Pack It In
Sometimes, there’s just no way to stay “put together” at work through an entire day (or night) in a single set of scrubs. That’s why designers invented the messenger bag—a highly accessible alternative to a purse or a backpack. A bright red tartan print works equally well for men and women. Put your extra scrubs, personal grooming products, snacks and other must-have items in this handy bag to help you get through your shift feeling and looking fresh. It’s the one thing you’ll be sure to grab on your way out the door each day.

Icon Messenger Bag

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