5 hand creams nurses recommend for cracked, dry skin

Continual hand washing can take quite the toll on nurses’ hands, especially during the cold winter months. And boy, can those cracked hands hurt! A couple of years back, we outlined our favorite hand lotions at the time, and you replied with your tips and favorites. Now, we’ve culled five picks from your sage suggestions! Try these lotions to help repair your dry, cracked hands:


Chandra: “Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Cream. Its smell isn’t the sweetest, but I swear by the stuff and it’s all natural!” (BurtsBees, $13)



Victor: “All of your picks are all great, but I SWEAR by Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. I love it and I don’t even mind spending the extra money. I use the cream and the face wash and it is AWESOME!” (Amazon, $17)


Marsha: “The best hand cream that I have ever used is Lotil, from England. I bought a jar from Amazon after a nurse let me try hers.” (Amazon, $10)


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Katy: “Gloves in a Bottle is my favorite while at work—the barrier on it doesn’t break down quickly, so you can wash your hands without stripping them of moisture.” (Amazon, $14.50)

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Siri: “I get the worst cracks on the thumbs and index fingers. They hurt so bad. My mom sent me some unscented cream—Purely Northwest Winter Cream—she found in Washington while she was on vacation. I love it. Actually clears up the cracks in no time. Also, no alcohol in it, so it does not sting. It absorbs and does not remain slick in my gloves. The whole floor is loving it and most of my jar is gone. Also, it is really unscented, not like some that say they are and aren’t.” (Amazon, $17)


Nurses, which hand lotion do you use to keep moisturized? Do you have any tricks for keeping your skin healthy during the winter months? Tell us in the comments below!

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5 Responses to 5 hand creams nurses recommend for cracked, dry skin

  1. Rebekah Carr

    I have tried the Burt’s Bees hand cream as well as the Gloves In A Bottle, and find them to be too thin.

    The thing I have found that actually works the best for me is the True Blue Spa, “Look Ma, New Hands,” from Bath and Body Works. It is slightly more pricey, but worth every penny. I usually buy the 5oz pump bottle and it lasts quite a while!

  2. Dannie78ds

    Gold Bond Healing with Aloe seems to work for my hands it’s nice and creamy thick smells good and soft even after washing my hands a billion time.

  3. BoatnRN

    I found an awesome recipe for hand cream on line that you can buy all the ingredients at the Dollar General for less than $10, it’s: 15-16 oz of baby lotion (I use either the purple or gold top because I don’t like the smell of the pink stuff on my hands), 8 oz of Vitamin E cream (do not use oil, it’ll make a mess), and 8 oz of petroleum jelly (Walgreens has one that has cocoa butter in it, gold top, that I love). Mix in a bowl with an electric mixer to a frosting consistency. You will have a lot, I usually put it 3-4 oz food containers and/or the vitamin E and petroleum jelly jars. Make sure to wipe everything off and rinse with very hot water before you put it in the dishwasher, otherwise everything will be greasy! Enjoy and share with your fellow nurses!

  4. Joan Wyjack

    Over the years the very best hand cream I have found has been Neutrogena Hand Cream It is thick enough to really make a difference and is fragrance free. I started using this back when gloves were still powdered and everyone had crack and bleeding knuckles.