5 healthy (and safe) ways to rant about your workday


Yuri Arcurs | Veer

Many of us decide to make changes in our daily habits around this time of year. Why not think about better ways to handle stress?

It’s probably unrealistic to say “This year, I resolve not to let things get to me. I will no longer say anything negative about my work, coworkers, doctors, boss or patients.” Nurses aren’t saints. There’s always going to be a time when you need to let off some steam. A more realistic New Year’s resolution would be to find healthier and safer ways to rant when you need to get things off your chest.

Here are five that you can try:

Handle Friends with Care
Sometimes, it feels good to get together with friends (outside of work) to blow off some steam. Just don’t do this with the same friend every time. Your friends aren’t your therapist. They may start avoiding you if you burden them with your work woes every time you get together. Your friends could also be dealing with hardships of their own and not have emotional energy to take on yours.

When you call a friend to rant, be sure to ask first: “I’ve had a tough day at work. Is it okay if I talk about this or are you pretty worn out right now, too?” The same approach can work well with your spouse or partner.

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