5 hilarious, inspiring virtual greeting cards for nurses

If you’re anything like us, you love movies. And you know what else we love? Hilarious and/or inspirational e-cards we can share with our fellow nurses and loved ones. So imagine how thrilled we were to find out about Ditto Greetings, a new website full of greeting cards made with clips from some of your favorite movies!
The best part? There are plenty of awesome cards made especially for nurses, and we’re excited to share five of our favorites with you today. Check them out below, and then keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we highlight more faves…

1. Nurses can brighten anyone’s day.

2. That feeling you get when your shift has ended. 

3. Parents have to deal with this once in awhile.

4. Welcome to the team.

5. What’s more difficult than dealing with a doctor?

Nurses, what do you think of these greeting cards? Which is your favorite? Can you think of a scene in a movie or TV show that would be perfect in a card for nurses? Share all in the comments below!

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