5 holiday decor Pins for nurses

As a nurse, you spend 12 hours a day in a fluorescent dungeon. But if we have anything to say about it, you should be in the most festive fluorescent dungeon ever in the history of ever.
For this reason, we have scoured Pinterest in search of Pins to provide you with holiday inspiration for easy DIY workplace decor.


We hate seeing decorations go from Spooky Halloween Town to Winter Wonderland without taking the (very necessary) pit stop at Thankfulville. If you agree and want to display some Thanksgiving love today, we suggest you try this simple craft.



This next idea only requires two things: string and popsicle sticks. We know you’re up to your eyeballs in the latter, so get your DIY on, nurse brothers and sisters!



Is your work computer currently in a corner? If so, you’ve got the perfect setup for a fireplace work station! Congratulations! Bonus: Build a mantle for your fireplace so your coworkers can drop off presents in your stocking.



Legend has it that the heart of Christmas lives in the refrigerator…assuming every refrigerator has cheese. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to decorate your workplace’s fridge, right?



We’re guessing that as a nurse, you probably struggle to find time to buy a Christmas tree, let alone a wreath. But we’re going to go ahead and guess you have Post-its everywhere. Problem solved.



Did you attempt any of these ideas? Send us a photo of your handiwork!

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