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5 inspirational videos every nurse should watch


Finishing up a long, stressful day of nursing? Hard shifts (or a whole week of hard shifts!) can seriously wear you down, physically and emotionally, and it’s important to get a little reminder of why you do what you do and how important and appreciated you really are. That’s where these five inspirational videos come into play…to make your day!
Check out these five videos we think every nurse should watch:

1. Mary Ellen Farr talks about the challenges of being a nurse

2. “Love a Nurse”

3. Crystal talks about the “life of an RN” — we love these “real talk” videos!

4. “10 Nurses, One Purpose” featuring inspiring interviews 

5. “Nurses Shatter the Stereotype”

What awesome and inspirational nurse videos have you found lately? We’d love to see them–post links in the comments below and tell us why they touched you!

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