5 Instagram accounts every nurse should follow: Fashion edition

Here at Scrubs, we love to help busy nurses stay on top of timely events. We also make it a top priority to track the best new fashion choices for nurses and spread the word. In order to kill two birds with one stone, we’ve combined these tasks into one beautiful edition of “5 Instagram accounts every nurse should follow.” Enjoy.
Step 1: Help busy nurses stay on top of timely events. 
Did you know that tomorrow is the first day of New York Fashion Week? It’s true. Pretty soon, your social media feeds will be filled with the best new looks for 2016. We’re all about keeping things comfy, so fingers crossed track suits make a comeback in a big way….

Step 2: Track new fashion choices for nurses.
New trends aren’t just limited to the runways of NYC. We’ve been hearing about a lot of new options for nurses thanks to the following Instagram accounts. Check ’em out to stay in the know.





What are your must-follow Instagram accounts? Share your favorites below and don’t forget to check out our feed!

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