5 more gorgeous hospital cafeterias

When most of us think of hospital food, we think more along the lines of green goop than 3-star Michelin restaurants. But these days, more and more hospitals are working to challenge our preconceived notions.
We’ve looked at great cafeterias in the past, and now we have five more for you to check out!

Bistro on the Hill – Fauquier Hospital
Warrenton, Va.

Image Source: Fauquierhealth.org

Locals in Warrenton know this cafeteria simply as “The Bistro.” And the Fauquier website points out that on weekends, 60 percent of the Bistro’s clientele are those locals, not hospital visitors.

The cafeteria serves an impressive array of options, including fresh seafood, Mongolian stir-fry and homemade gourmet pizza. And when you’ve eaten your fill, you can venture directly outside the cafeteria for a “million-dollar view of the Virginia countryside.”

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