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5 more hilarious, inspiring virtual greeting cards for nurses


Who doesn’t love e-cards?! They let us send super personalized and fun greetings to our loved ones…without ever having to go to the post office (perfect for busy nurses!). Enter our new favorite site for unique e-cards–Ditto Greetings!
So what’s different about Ditto? The site has created e-cards using clips from your favorite movies. They’ve already got tons of options just for nurses, and we’re excited to share five more of our favorites with you today (psst! See our first roundup here!). Check them out below, and then keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we highlight even more faves…

1. Not everyone can be a nurse.

2. Even when things get messy…

3. Together, nothing is impossible.

4. Whatever we may be going through…

5. The way every nurse feels…

Nurses, what do you think of these greeting cards? Which is your favorite? Can you think of a scene in a movie or TV show that would be perfect in a card for nurses? Share all in the comments below!

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