5 more lines you never want to hear on the job again


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We’ve all been there: A patient yells “NURSE!” at you for the millionth time, or tells you you should have gone to medical school and become a doctor instead. And all we can do is grin, bear it (and maybe come up with a witty retort!) and commiserate together!

We asked our Facebook fans which lines they were most sick of hearing on the job–which one of these tops your list?

1. “Do you know how to do this?” My response: “I read about it last night; I’m pretty confident the pictures were right!”
Joni Paul Fredrickson 

2. “You all need to hire more staff.” Like we can control that! Maybe you need a personal sitter to handle your every whim!
Amy K. Hicks 

3. “Are you a real nurse?” as I’m admitting a patient (I’m an LPN). Nope, I got my license out of a Cracker Jack box!
Tina Lewis Nickel 

4. The one I hate most is, “My (insert random family member) is a nurse and I asked her and she said…”
–Christina Snyder 

5. Oh, how about “I Googled this” and “I am allergic to Toradol.” Sorry, I will stop now. I really do like patients, believe it or not! 😉
Theresa Bougher 

What lines are you sick of hearing on the job? And don’t miss part one of this list!

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