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5 must-dos the night before a job interview


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The night before the big nursing job interview is almost like the “pregame” in professional football: Prior preparation is a must in order to perform at your best. If you don’t properly prepare for the big game, you could miss a great opportunity to show them your best.

Here are 5 must-dos I’ve learned over the years to help bring your A game to the interview:

1. Check your resume/ portfolio

I always bring an extra copy of my resume and maybe two copies of my references to have on hand in case the interviewer asks. It also streamlines the hiring process if they choose to proceed with offering you the job.

2. Try on your outfit

I speak from experience. Try on everything–including your socks and shoes. Can I tell you what kind of a panic mode I was in the morning of an interview when my shoelace broke?!

3. Get some good sleep

If you’re like me, this is almost impossible to do, but do your best to get some rest. If you have to go to bed ridiculously early, then do so. I can’t say dark circles under the eyes are very professional…

4. Plug in the employer’s contact info

You never know what can come up. Program the contact information of the potential employer, their secretary and anyone else that may be a part of the hiring process into your phone. If there is an unforeseeable circumstance and you can’t make the interview, the sooner you call, the better.

5. Resist only using Google Maps…

…or any other mapping application or tool. Be sure to double and triple-check your directions before you set foot out of your house the morning of your drive. Turning onto a dead end drive is not something you’d enjoy.

Also be sure to plan for an alternate route if you happen to come across immovable traffic (from an accident) or construction. No need to show up late if it can be avoided.

In this day and age, preparation is everything. If I had to add anything else to this must-have and must-do list, I would make sure my mobile device is working and fully charged. In the end, your preparation will speak volumes when you show up at your potential employer’s office ready to knock their socks off!

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