5 nursing stereotypes debunked

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The nursing profession has patiently endured some of the most defining stereotypes – many of them gender-related. From typecasting this career of care as female-only to belittling nurses as wannabe doctors, there are few mistruths nurses haven’t heard.

Some of these traditional stereotypes may have been true once upon a time. But like most stereotypes, most of these ideas are outdated and silly.

Take a look at our roundup of common nursing stereotypes and laugh with us!

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11 Responses to 5 nursing stereotypes debunked

  1. Steffanie

    I know the chick on your animation, hahaha. She tries to portray the “sexy nurse” for attention… same hairstyle, coloring, everything, buahaha

  2. Adam

    Thsi one is hillarious! I am 100%straight, but too be honest the gay men I know have girls all over them, so this stereotype may work out for me! LOL

  3. Nurses leaving nursing to go to medical school is not uncommon. I’m in medical school and I know a few classmates who were nurses.

  4. Fyndy

    Nothing makes me more angry than the “sexy nurse” theme. NOTHING about my work is “sexy”. I deal with death, body fluids, rude patients, and codes on a daily basis. I wear scrub pants and tops, and save people’s lives, and am very proud of my LPN status.
    A guy who once asked me why nurses didn’t dress sexier. I asked him if looking at cleavage while I had my fingers up his ass scooping his poop out every M-W-F would be a turn on for him. He turned green and never brought the subject up again 😛

  5. Technically nurses don’t work for doctors but in all practicality, we do. Management backs up doctors LONG before a nurse because the doctors “bring the money in”. Doctors walk on the floor grab charts, want you to hold their hand while they do a procedure or make rounds. A three minute update takes fifteen because a doc is trying to impress you with his knowledge. Doc’s can vent on you and the floor manager will correct you if you stand up for yourself, so I would disagree. Nurses DO work for doctors.

    • faith80two@hotmail.com

      You need to work in a different hospital. There are ones that respect their nurses when it comes to doing the right thing for the patient. Many nurses have saved hospitals from malpractice by taking action to protect a patient. I once stopped an ER resident from giving an antihistamine to a woman having a severe asthma attack and called the senior resident. Just be sure you know your stuff and are acting to protect the patients. As for just being harassed by MDs, they usually back of if they know they aren’t upsetting you.
      Once in the NICU I could tell a 2 lb pt. Had a pneumothorax. The resident said he heard good breath sounds on both sides. I told him he could probably hear them in the baby’s toes the kid was so small. He went to bed and I ordered the X-Ray. I woke him to get a surgeon to put in the chest tube and he was furious. As he looked at the X-Ray I told him he could thank me later. He never liked me after that.

  6. These stereotypes were the driving forced behind me writing my first novel, “Confessions of a Male Nurse”. I just couldn’t stand them. I am now working on third novel about nurses and I must say I am honored to be a nurse.

  7. I have one, if I may. It seems the newest stigma is that most new grads work in a major hospital in med/surg….or at least that’s what it was in my nursing school. I work in a behavioral health facility and it’s my first nursing job.

  8. faith80two@hotmail.com

    I don’t think anyone who knows my son thinks he is gay (and there is nothing wrong with gays), especially his super hot wife.
    Years ago I had to calm my staff because the MD director of neonatology told them they could not go to a senior resident if they thought a junior resident was not able to handle a situation. I explained that they worked for nursing service not the doctors and they were there for the patients safety and healing. I am shocked that 40 years later this is still an issue.

  9. LPN2008

    The sexy nurse. Boobs up, short skirts, stilettos, GRRRR!

  10. aarin80

    What also adds to nursing stereotyping is not giving nurses full recognition for what they are capable of within their scope of practice.

    Number 4. Nurses Work for Doctors… “There are advanced nurse practitioners [NP] who work under a doctor’s supervision.” WRONG! In many states NPs are able to work autonomously, fact check yourself at American Association of Nurse Practitioners at:


    scrubsmag.com I am disappointed for this article not being proofed beforehand. This is especially bothersome as someone that aspires to develop into a NP. I am NOT developing into a NP to work under a doctor’s supervision!