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5 quick hair tips for nurses on the go


Just because you don’t have tons of time to style your hair doesn’t mean you can’t look great…while also getting your locks out of your face so they don’t hang down on your patients or in your eyes! In honor of our Fall Into Fashion month, we found three popular and easy hairstyles for you to try out, plus two products you can use for on-the-go hair that’ll stay in place and keep you looking (and feeling!) great.
Hidden Braids

Got 10 minutes to do something with your mane? Hidden braids are very trendy right now. You can do one small braid near the front of your face or a few sparingly throughout. Secure ends with an elastic band and, if you want, you can pull your hair up when you’re done into a ponytail or bun…perfect for a 12-hour shift!

Sleek Ponytails

Ponytails are highly functional, and it only takes a few extra minutes to make the difference between a super fast pony and a more sleek version. Use a boar bristle brush to comb through hair and then a shine hairspray to get it looking glossy. If you’ve got the time, you can also try flat ironing it! Fashion models this season also were taking two parts of their hair right above the pony, crossing them and pulling them underneath the ponytail….chic and functional enough for busy nurses.

Updated Buns

Buns are a simple, elegant way to get your hair out of your face, and we love this updated version: Wash and dry your hair, and then twist and wrap your hair around itself like you would with a standard bun. Then pull it through the middle to create a knot. Tuck the hair you’ve pulled through the style under the bun or leave it out for an undone look. Use bobby pins to keep everything in place. This is also a great look for wet hair that you simply don’t have time to dry before rushing off to work!

Two products to try for great hair in a pinch:


Pin straight hair boring you? Half wavy mess stressing you out? Got unruly curls for days? Lush’s Sea Spray tames your locks, no matter what you’re working with, by giving your hair smoothed out body that smells great and won’t leave your strands looking crispy or “hair sprayed.” Made with sea salt, sea water and seaweed, the spritz holds hair in place, adds shine and gives body for a beachy look. (Lush, $13)


Hair looking a little greasy but no time to wash before running out the door? Lush’s dry shampoo absorbs excess oils and volumizes locks, making the hair look and smell fresh without having to wash. Massage a little into your scalp and through your hair, then shake or brush out. It blends in completely, even on dark hair, to give texture and a soft, matte finish. (Lush, $14)

What are your best hair tips for busy nurses? Got any specific beauty products that you love? Be sure to share them in the comments below.

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