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5 Reasons You Should Register As An Organ Donor Today


Understanding How Many Lives Your Organs Can Save

It’s hard to overemphasize just how valuable your organs are to those who are in need. If you pass away and you’re listed as an organ donor, you can save up to 8 lives. Here’s how each organ in your body can be used to save lives.

  • Kidneys (2) – Kidneys are the single most-needed donor organ. Your kidneys can save the life of a patient with renal failure – a single kidney is all that’s required to get patients off of dialysis, and allow them to live normal lives.
  • Heart – Heart transplantation can allow individuals with faulty or damaged hearts to live a normal, happy life.
  • Liver – Liver transplantation can save the lives of people who have failing livers due to afflictions like acetaminophen overdose, autoimmune diseases such as hepatitis, and vascular diseases.
  • Lungs (2) – Lung transplants can provide a higher quality of life for people with chronic lung diseases caused by emphysema, cystic fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, among others.
  • Pancreas – Pancreas transplants are common among people with type 1 diabetes, offering a potential cure for the condition.
  • Intestines – Your small intestine can be transplanted to individuals who suffer from chronic or acute intestinal failure, providing them with massively improved intestinal function, and a potential cure for their disease.

By signing up as an organ donor, you could save up to 8 lives, so in our opinion, signing up to be an organ donor is a total no-brainer. 

Sign Up Today To Be An Organ Donor – And Encourage Others To Do So

 We would encourage you to sign up as an organ donor today. If you’re already an organ donor, great! You should spread the word, and encourage friends, family, and coworkers to make sure that they’re registered as organ donors.

And if you’re unsure whether or not you’re registered, take the time to ensure that you are. You can call your local BMV or DMV to check your registration status, or go through an online sign-up at

Taking the time to make sure you’re signed up to donate your organs and encouraging your family and friends to do the same is one of the best ways you can contribute to the cause of National Donate Life Month. If you’d like to further your involvement, we recommend getting involved on the National Donate Life Month website.

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