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5 Smoking Cessation Apps To Use Today, During The Great American Smokeout



But if used correctly, they can be a big help. It’s also advisable to combine them with other methods of smoking cessation. If you integrate them with proper clinical practice guidelines and other evidence-based approaches, they can still help you quit.


1) LIVESTRONG My Quit Coach        


This program is highly customizable, and you can adjust it according to how you want to quit. You can quit cold turkey or cut back gradually, depending on what works best for you. (To do it cold turkey, it’s advisable that you take a long weekend or something. You’re going to be really, really irritable and uncomfortable for three days or so.)


The big benefit of LIVESTRONG My Quit Coach is that it lets you choose a path to smoking cessation that fits your lifestyle. Not everyone can go cold turkey, and that’s fine. It’s quitting that matters.


2) My Last Cigarette — Stop Smoking, Stay Quit


This app costs $0.99, rather than being free, but it was one of the first smoking cessation apps, and it’s still one of the most popular. It gives you daily motivational messages, along with facts about how quitting smoking can improve your health.


3) Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation


This app provides you with extra support as you begin your journey to smoking cessation. It connects you with experts who provide you with both advice and emotional support. For many people, talking to others and getting positive social feedback can help with motivation. It also put you in touch with other users who are trying to quit, like a virtual support group.


4) Quit Smoking


This app provides detailed statistical information about your progress as you quit. It informs you about how your body is healing, how you’re getting rid of harmful toxins, and how you’re progressing.


5) ButtOut


ButtOut focuses on the practical aspects of smoking cessation. It keeps track of how much you smoked, and gives you data about your progress. It also tells you how much money you saved by cutting back on smoking — with all the taxes on tobacco products, cigarettes are more expensive now than they’ve ever been in the past.


It’s Never Too Late to Quit


Smoking is a habit that a lot of people pick up at some point as a young adult. But over time, it’s incredibly harmful to your body. Even if you’ve smoked for decades, quitting now can still improve your health and extend your lifespan. It’s never too late to quit smoking, and these helpful apps can provide the extra support you need.

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