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At the end of a long shift, your body and mind are usually thinking one thing: serenity. NOW.

Some medical studies have proven that an aromatherapy massage can help relieve stress and tension in emergency room nurses.

And our own personal studies show that any massage can relieve stress…in just about anyone.

While tight economic times may make you think you can’t splurge on this luxury, with a few tricks a massage or spa trip can be within your reach!

Here are five tips for getting the relaxation you definitely deserve! Book a treatment for yourself or make a day of it with friends or favorite relatives. And don’t forget: With the upcoming holidays, a gift certificate to a spa is the ultimate thank-you gift for a hardworking coworker!

  1. Call ahead: If there’s a spa in your area that you would like to attend, call and ask if there are any specials. You’ll find that many places are running package deals and services at significant reductions due to tough economic times.
  2. Peruse This is a great resource no matter where you live. Not only will it help you locate spas in your neighborhood, but it also has a section aptly called Spa Deals that lists the great offers that spas nationwide are offering. You can also buy gift certificates that are redeemable at any of the 5,000 spas listed on the site.
  3. Subscribe to While you may already go to this site to secure great deals on theater tickets, you may be surprised to find that it’s a great way to get discounted spa treatments, too! Currently, Goldstar services Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, D.C. Metro, Las Vegas and San Diego. You’ll need to become a member to get the deals, but membership is free.
  4. Use a storefront like “Massage Envy:” This is a no-nonsense approach to massage. No bells and whistles here—just clean massage rooms and great rates. Massage Envy stores can be found all around the country. Most first hour-long massages cost just $49, and if you become a member, the prices go down from there. Massage Envy is another great option for gift-giving to a friend or coworker.
  5. Go to a massage school: Most massage schools give significant discounts to people who let their students practice on them. No need to worry—massage students are supervised by licensed instructors who ensure the quality of care you’ll receive, and they all have had many hours of training before they ever get their hands on a real patron. To find a list of schools in your area, click here.
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