5 Spooky Halloween Tales Straight From A Nurse’s Mouth

Don’t Open the Door

Any time you entered the morgue at my hospital, you could hear knocking on the inside of the freezer. It was creepy. To make things work, the pathologist grabbed my arm one night, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Do you hear the knocking? Don’t open the door while they are knocking.” Sure enough, I never opened the door. Come to find out the knocking was just loose bits, but that did not make it any less creepy at the time.

The Legend of the Death Child

While I worked for an LTC facility, I heard of a legend of the death child. Rumor had it residents who spotted the ghost child rarely survived. Sure enough, several residents asked me from time to time who the little girl was. They pointed at her, but I never saw who they pointed at. Within 72 hours of seeing the ghost child, the patients passed away. Did a little research and learned the victim of a fatal car accident outside of the LTC facility about 10 years ago was none other than a 10-year-old girl. Coincidence?

Inspector and Ghost Children

The facility I worked at was home to more than one ghost. For starters, there was the inspector. From time to time, people spotted a gentleman carrying a clipboard as he walked up and down the halls. Typically, he appeared a few days before someone died. It was very common for people to ring us and ask us to get the man outside of their rooms to leave. The problem? We did not have men on the night shift. In most cases, patients died shortly after a visit from the inspector.

In addition to the inspector, we also had lucid patients report children running up and down the halls playing. The problem? Our facility did not house children. There was, however, a children’s home behind us where reports of child abuse emerged.

With so many people spotting these ghosts or hearing these noises, it is hard not to believe them. For more Halloween fun, check out our article, “5 Creepiest Hospitals of All Time.”

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