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5 stress-relief tips that Santa can teach nurses


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It’s the time of the year when we nurses can go overboard for the sake of holiday spirit.

We sleep less, eat more, work more and drive our anxiety levels through the roof.

Here are 5 tips (straight from Kris Kringle himself!) on how we nurses can start enjoying the holidays again.

5 stress-relief tips that Santa can teach nurses

1. Commercialize, Schmercialize

Remember what the holiday season is really about. It’s clear that Santa does...he’ll listen to your litany of desires, but in the end, he’s all about giving gifts to those on his “nice” list. So remind yourself and your loved ones: It’s not about the next big thing or an expensive gift, indulgences or bragging rights. It’s about sharing, caring and the human condition. It’s about trying to be the people we always hoped to be (and the nurse our patients and coworkers will admire).

2. Be fair to yourself

Be fair–to yourself, that is.  Make time for you. Santa has mastered this…he gives himself 364 days a year to relax and clearly he indulges in plenty of milk and cookies on his one workday. You may not have 364 days to spare, but you should dedicate time for yourself (preferably by a cozy fireplace) as best you can. You’ll be a better nurse when you’ve lost some of that stress.

3. Share

Not just the holiday spirit–share the responsibilities that come along with it. When Santa needs help he turns to his elves, his reindeer, and Mrs. Claus of course. You’re not alone either. Don’t try to do all the baking, cooking, shopping, or planning. Don’t try to take on too many shifts just to “be the nice guy.” Delegate and share.

4. Take it bit by bit

Rome was not built in a day, so don’t try the traditional “power shopping” feat. Santa’s elves keep the workshop open all year so that they’re not crazed the first week of December. There are two ideas here: Don’t worry about trinkets and gifts for your coworkers this year. Instead, donate to a relevant cause like Nurses House. And when it comes to shopping for your family, have the discipline to start earlier next year. I’ve heard some start planning as early as late summer! Wow.

5. Nibble

Do not bite off more than you can chew. Did Santa give YOU everything you asked for when you were a kid? Didn’t think so. He’s conscious of a budget, and you should be, too. Don’t spend so much money that you’re “spending” the entire following year trying to repair the holiday damage. Nurses may be in demand (and we may be the most trusted profession), but we still aren’t paid like Wall Street bankers (isn’t that ironic).

What other wise tips can nurses learn from Santa to keep ourselves sane during the holidays?


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