5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Fired

If you’ve read some of the horror stories on Nurses losing their license, you’ll be right to wonder what they were doing in Nursing in the first place.

Here we look at 5 sure fire ways, you’ll surely be fired

1. Taking pictures of patients.

This one should come without a doubt, but snapping pictures of patients is a no no.  In recent news, a woman handed over her license after being discovered taking pictures of a patients genitalia while he lay unconscious.  Kristen Johnson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disseminating of unlawful surveillance photos, and in a plea deal handed over her license.  Now of course this seems unfathomable, but Martin Chitwood, an Atlanta based attorney who deals in various aspects of business law gave some simple advice, ‘If it feels wrong, it probably is.’  Again – DO NOT TAKE PICTURES OF PATIENTS.

2.  Druggin’ on the job.

Ever seen Nurse Jackie?  Of course you have.  Recovery programs exists specifically just for Nurses who are recovering addicts.  Unfortunately, it’s all to easy to be prescribed Vicodin for that neck ache.  Then more, then more, then more – until suddenly you’ve found yourself addicted and losing your license.

In other scenarios, dishing out the drugs to friends or colleagues can also land you in hot water.  It goes without saying, don’t be tempted by temptation.  You get it!

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