5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Fired

3.  Too tired to type!

Ever been exhausted from the 12 hour shift?  Of course you have.  Ever been too tired to complete that patient record?  Little slip ups like this can have your license revoked.  While these might seem like little nothings to you, this could have serious implications on your patient also.  Falsifying patient records (and this means not filling them in) have serious consequences and lead to bad repeat behavior.  Take time to take a breath and write things down properly.  And for goodness sake, if you dished out a few extra painkillers – JOT. IT. DOWN.

4.  Professionalism

You’re exhausted, tired and crabby.  That call light has been flashing for the past 8 hours and it’s the same patient asking you to find their jacket.  Whilst this seems like a minor one, it’s been known for Nurses to lose their license for talking to a patient in a non professional manor.  Or should we say, cursing at one will.

Always keep cool, calm and collected.  Be polite, yet candid.  If you need to take 10 seconds to breathe, get to the restroom stat, take a breath and get back to it.  You’ve got this!

5.  False License

If you’re already there and you’ve lost your license, or at least had it suspended, then the temptation to forge a new one until your suspension is up might be creeping into your mind.  While we rarely see this one, it’s a problem that does crop up.  Is falsifying a license worth never being able to work again?  Forge one and find out – unfortunately you’ll never work in Nursing again.

In summary, slip ups happen.  You forgot to bring the patient their tylenol.  You lost your cool with a drunk person thinking they’re priority over the car accident victim.  All in all, keep your head strong and remind yourself why you became a Nurse in the first place.  

Integrity, Professionalism and Caring with Honesty.

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2 Responses to 5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Fired

  1. Love55nurses

    Great site

  2. NurseByDayMomByNight3

    Unless you’re me. I can get fired for lesser reasons. Like, leaving my units portable phone at the nurses station and the DON calls looking for you and can’t find you!