5 Things Nurses Can’t Live Without in 2016

Stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, medication guides. These are all essential items that your patients may not be able to live without. Add a notebook and pen, and you have just put together the standard nursing bag they taught you about back in school.
Nurses also need to be looking out for their own well-being if they want to be able to continue providing quality medical care. With these 5 can’t-live-with-outs added to your arsenal, you are going to find that making your rounds in 2016 is going to get a lot easier:


  1. Scrubs with Antimicrobial* + Fluid Barrier Fabric Technologies – 

Certainty Plus Antimicrobial Scrubs

Certainty Technologies has developed a feature for your scrubs that reduces, inhibits, and minimizes the growth of odor-causing and fabric-degrading bacteria. This lets your scrubs stay fresher during your shift, helping you to maintain a professional look. You can also find them with an added barrier that blocks fluids from entering the fibers. Your favorite brands, like Cherokee,  incorporate these new technologies, making it easy to find the familiar styles you love.


  1. Nursing Apps – Put your smartphone to good use in 2016 by downloading some apps that will make you look a lot smarter. There are dozens available (see our top six nursing apps here), but one of the best is Nursing Essentials, although note that it is not free. This app has up to date information on medications, immunizations, and anatomy, and is easy to use. If you like to stay up on the latest breaking medical news, you will benefit by downloading Medpage Today which is free.


  1. New Nursing Shoes – When was the last time you treated your feet to a new pair of shoes? A new year should be started off on the right foot, and with shoes for nurses being improved on all of the time, now is the perfect time to slip into something comfortable. Alegria Paloma has a line of nursing shoes that not only use high-quality materials to help keep your feet pain free, they make them stylish with patterns and buckles if you also want your feet to make a fashion statement. If you have trouble with your knees or feet take a look at Brooks Addiction Walker shoes for nurses. While more practical in style options, these come recommended by doctors as a great option for nurses with chronic discomfort.


  1. Compression Socks – Right along the same line as new shoes for a new year, you should be investing in compression socks or stockings in 2016. Unlike regular socks, these apply pressure on your calves in all of the right places, helping with blood return to the heart. This not only alleviates fatigue in your legs during a shift, the long-term benefit is the prevention of varicose veins.


  1. A Spa Membership – Until they have walked a 12-hour shift in a nurse’ shoes, no one can truly appreciate how physically laboring our profession can be. Ease that muscle pain and prevent any possible injury by scheduling a massage on your off days. Not only will a deep tissue massage help you to unwind, it will help to keep your body supple and ready to take on your next round of long shifts.


Not all aspects of nursing care should be centered around the patient. You also need to be taking care of you if you want to be able to continually do your best as a nurse. Make obtaining information easier, your uniform sharper, and your body happier with these 5 must haves, and you are going to sail right through 2016 looking and feeling fantastic.


*Wash all garments thoroughly after each use.  Garments featuring antimicrobial technology do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms.  Always follow all best practices for infection prevention.

This post was sponsored by Certainty Technologies.
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