5 things that make coworkers click!

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We editors at Scrubs are fascinated by the things that nurses are happy about during their work week. It’s a given that nurses are posting happy status updates like crazy about being off a looong shift or that they’re enjoying a fabulous day off.

When we analyzed the Happy Map this week, however, seems it isn’t just taking days off from the job that are putting smiles on nurses’ faces. We are very inspired to report that nurses throughout the country are happy about…each other.


  • I love my workplace!
  • I love my coworkers!
  • My supervisor is awesome!

We know what kinds of quirky things rub coworkers the wrong way, but what do nurses really appreciate about their teammates? We’ve asked nurses on numerous occasions and here are some themes from their responses:

  • A coworker whose mere presents boosts team morale
  • A coworker who steps up and takes care of my patients when I’m away
  • A coworker who’s a great mentor
  • A coworker I can trust
  • A coworker with a great sense of humor!

We’ve also concluded, by the way, that these coworker-centric status updates could very well be coming from the happiest nurses around. According to Shawn Achor, the CEO of Good Think Inc., where he researches and teaches about positive psychology and positive outliers — people who are well above average — one of the daily habits that one can incorporate to boost a sense of well-being is scanning for three positive things to be grateful for and also periodically expressing gratitude to someone in your support network.

When you have downtime we HIGHLY recommend this hilarious TED Talk by Achor. Your sides will be aching and you’ll also come away with some compelling new insights on why it’s important to find happiness right now (and how easy and rewarding it can be!).

Ready to tell us how you feel? Download the Code Happy app on your mobile phone and tell us. Sharing your happiness is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and other nurses. :)

*The Code Happy status updates reset automatically every week!


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