5 things to do right now to make yourself happier

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In a fast-paced, high-impact profession like nursing, it’s important to think about your body as an investment.

Developing high-quality habits can make a huge difference in your daily life and overall health. Here are five ways to invest in your health from morning ’til night.

1. When you go to work, bring snacks of high water content with vitamins included! Take a container of veggies. Take a piece of fruit. These can be eaten quickly, since there’s little time for meal breaks. Keep some almonds or walnuts at work so you can have a quick source of protein. When the donut box is sitting in front of you, drink some filtered water before you dive in! Remind yourself about your investment!

This next tip will help you avoid mistakes (and grouchiness!)

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Patricia Cheeks

Patricia Cheeks, RN, PMHCNS-BC, is a Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist with 29 years of experience. She has worked in four hospitals and has had her own private psychotherapy practice. Patricia has co-led new graduate retreats where information-sharing practices helped retain healthy, rested nurses.

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3 Responses to 5 things to do right now to make yourself happier

  1. Anita Franklin

    Very informative! I had no idea why I had so much trouble falling asleep after I worked night shift. Who would have thought that dark glasses helped suppress the wake up hormones? I will definitely use this tip should I ever have to work late nights again.

  2. kathy ayers

    Eating “snacks” on the run is not the way nursing
    needs to be. Get enough nurses and partners
    and the nurse and others can actually sit down
    and eat as they should. STOP MULTI -TASKING…
    it only hurts the patient!

  3. kate

    Sorry, but until hospitals realize that it takes more than just an RN to take care of patients, eating on the go seems to be the norm. Better to have stuff on hand than to run down to the cafeteria and grab whatever junk is there!