5 Things You Should Know About Modern Relationships of the Digital Century


Many things have changed since our parents were young, even more since our grandparents were at their peak. The way people live, work, buy, and travel has changed. Of course, relationships changed as well. Our grandparents were taught that sex can’t happen before marriage and that getting a divorce was shameful. Monogamy was imperative. Our parents grew up in a more liberal environment where relationships weren’t so rigid, and marrying more than once wasn’t a big taboo.

We now live in the age of freedom. Relationships don’t look like they used to 50 years ago. People change partners often and indulge in a relationship with more than one partner. A modern way of living and the digital era changed the relationship game.

Below we’ll introduce you to new ways of dating; maybe some will appeal to you and your partner.

What is Monogamous?

Monogamy means a person is in a relationship with only one partner. That type of relationship is sexual and emotional but can be just one of those things. Monogamous people only want to date one person and are not keen to share them. That doesn’t mean that every person who seeks a date is monogamous.

There are dating platforms for monogamous people and sites for couples looking for a girlfriend for a reason. Niches are there to eliminate every chance of conflict between monogamous singles and couples seeking someone new. People on sites where threesomes are called just hookups are usually more open-minded. There’s no awkwardness on chat because everyone knows what to expect. And millions are using such sites.

However, that’s not for everybody. Monogamous people can’t imagine sharing their partners with anyone. Their eyes and hearts are reserved only for one person; their better half. It is safe to say that many would be eaten alive by jealousy if they found out that somebody tried to pick up their better half.


Non-monogamous is a term for every practice of a non-dyadic relationship that doesn’t strictly apply to the monogamous rules and standards. This type of relationship means that a person will have more than one partner at a time. Or that they have one partner but have sex with other people too. People who can’t stay monogamous turn to some type of non-monogamous relationship. That way, they can find a partner with the same mindset and not be afraid they’ll hurt each other’s feelings.

Open Relationships

An open relationship is a non-monogamous relationship where partners can have sex with other people. This means that they’re together and are emotionally exclusive but can do whatever they want when it comes to sex. Open relationships became popular in the 1970s, but they may have appeared earlier.


Polyamory is the practice of romantic relationships with more than one partner. All parties included are aware of each other. Everyone included has multiple romantic relationships.

There are two types of polyamory: solo polyamory and polyfidelity.

Solo polyamory includes people without a primary partnership, but they date multiple people. Polyfidelity is a group of three or more people who have a committed relationship with each other and do not date outside the group.

Why do People Choose Non-traditional Relationships?

Maybe they have kinks and desires their soulmates can’t satisfy, so they don’t want to kill every chance to ever have sex with anyone else for the rest of their lives. If one of the partners loves uniforms, they’ll fantasize about someone in the uniform anyway. So, everybody should be honest about their needs.

Non-traditional relationships are for those who are open-minded and don’t want to be dedicated to just one person. People get fed up with tradition and boundaries they can’t agree with. Some people fall in love with two or more persons, so it’s logical to try and establish a polyamory type of relationship. As mentioned above, being honest is vital for building non-traditional relationships. If a person is up front with their needs, expectations, and desires, there is a bigger chance they’ll find their match. Starting a monogamous relationship when you know that’s not your cup of tea is disrespectful to the second party.

Where to Find Couples for Non-traditional Relationships?

There are many dating sites nowadays, and if you’re in the dating world, chances are you’ve tried them all. It’s pretty tricky to navigate those apps for the ones who are poly. Luckily, there are apps dedicated to poly dating. Their algorithms work around the clock to connect you with the best matches. Another thing one must do is to create an honest and detailed profile. Be upfront about your desires. The most important thing on dating sites and apps is being free and being yourself. An open, secure, and honest platform means many users with healthy sexuality. That way, a person can be sure they’ll be matched with a like-minded person.

We hope we opened your eyes, explained things you didn’t know, and got you interested in trying some non-traditional relationships.


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