5 tips for picking the right travel nurse recruiter for you

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Over on The Nerdy Nurse, guest blogger Jenna recently wrote about what to look for when picking a travel nurse recruiter. If you’re interested in becoming a travel nurse, you’ll want a recruiter to work with, and you’ll likely have your choice between several companies. Knowing what to look for, which questions to ask and what to expect of the recruiter you choose are important tools in making sure you get the right fit.

Check out her advice below:

The best travel nursing recruiters should:

1. Showcase experience

Search for a company that knows how the travel nursing career works from its roots and has been in the industry for several years. Most healthcare facilities turn towards experienced staffing agencies to fulfill vacancies, so these agencies have a large number of positions to fill in different locations.

2. Care for your needs

It might be the case that you’re looking for a role that offers specific benefits such as free housing, insurance and travel expenses paid for. While some of these perks may be offered by the employer, it is recommended that you write down all expectations and tell the recruiter. The best recruiter will consider employers that offer rewards and benefits that match your needs.

3. Keep you frequently updated

Experienced recruiters will frequently update the applicant and easily answer any questions they might have. Frequent contact by the recruiter can make nurses feel comfortable. Having a professional relationship between the recruiter and recruitee also increases job satisfaction. Frequent updates are also a sign that the agency offers genuine help and is organized about all the logistics, position requirements and the needs of the candidate.

4. Not leave immediately

Good companies make sure that the candidate adapts to the position by keeping in touch and providing professional advice for a couple of months. This is important because an applicant may not be able to adjust in a particular location even if the employer offers benefits such as free travel and insurance. Evaluating the recruiter based on the experience of existing individuals will help in making the right decision.

5. Have good/positive reviews

Reviews are going to indicate the credibility of a particular agency. Ideally you would want to read reviews written by other nurses. Their experience can tell a lot about how the company deals with most of its clients and whether it will be able to match the needs of the applicants with the position or otherwise. You can also talk to other travel nurses who have used recruitment agencies in the past for recommendations.

To read the rest of Jenna’s advice, head on over to The Nerdy Nurse. Then, in the comments below, tell us your own advice for choosing the right recruiter when looking into travel nursing.

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