5 tips to beat the holiday eating binge

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Every year, every holiday, every time. We always fear and/or grumble about how the holidays are a gift and a curse.

We can’t wait for the holidays to get here because we look forward to seeing family and friends. Good times and lasting memories are always on the menu. But the ‘menu’ also causes us that subconscious fear and resentment towards all the ‘wonderful’ treats that will be there. Putting on those holiday extra pounds is not something anyone wants or plans for, but it sure is something we all wish would go away!

Here are five strategies to help lessen the blow:

  • Get up from the table after your meal

That empty plate is just asking for more. The effort to get up from the table and put it away usually helps me from re-filling and re-loading. I mean seriously, who loads their plate back up after the main course?? I’m too busy having a hard time breathing, yet I’ll refill my plate?? Remove the temptation, remove the possibility.

  • Do not eat in front of the television (with or without company)

This is a no brainer, but we ALL do it. We know not to do at home, but amongst family and friends we somehow forget. We can blame it on the atmosphere, or those darn football games, or the holiday TV re-runs, but we always end up eating in front of the TV. Mindless snacking ensues. Show up in front of the TV with nothing in hand, or a big glass of water!

  • Bring your own

I mean your own healthier choices (no not your favorite alcoholic beverage). It doesn’t’ have to be something that ruins the holiday mood, but maybe you could bring healthier snacks for the post main course meal coma-like socialization?

  • It’s not what you take, its about how much you take

Portion control makes or breaks the meal. We always to the ‘stacking’ contest for the main course. Too many choices and not enough room on our plate. So we either stack it high, grab another plate, or make additional trips. How about whittling down the amount you take of each food item? A little does go a long way.

  • If you must snack, find the vegetables

They’re there. You just have to look for them. You can always find the celery, cucumbers, carrots, etc.. Find the veggies and a ‘safe’ proportion of dip to stave off those darn cookies!

In the end we’re all human, a lil’ indulgence never hurt anyone. Just remember, I said a LIL’ indulgence. Have a safe and happy holiday season this year!

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