5 tips to help new nurses and nursing students survive

Hemera | Thinkstock

This is a time of year when many new nurses enter the workforce. Learn from the mistakes of those I’ve watched…and from the mistakes of the new graduate I used to be!

1. Channel your inner boy scout. Always be prepared with the following essential items: A black pen, a pair of bandage or trauma shears, a stethoscope, a calculator and a watch.

2. Take care of yourself. If you are a spazz in your off time, you will be the same at work. Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and do something FUN and RELAXING on your days off.

3. Don’t ever call a patient by their first name unless they give you permission. Also, don’t call people Honey, Dear, Sweetie, etc. You never know who you might offend.

4. Listen three times as much as you talk. It will keep you from experiencing foot in mouth syndrome.

5. Watch how other nurses do things and pick what works for you. Ask lots of questions and find out whose style you admire and whose style you don’t.

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