Valentine’s Day gifts for the nurse in your life

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It’s that time of year again–Valentine’s Day, when we publicly show our love and appreciation for that special person in our life. This is the time of year we thank our lucky stars for all the efforts of the greeting card industry, right?

What if that special person in your life is a nurse? What do you get a nurse for Valentine’s Day? While I’m no expert, I am married to a nurse. If you think like we do, finding the perfect gift can be quite easy. Here are some suggestions:

Take care of them

  • Most nurses are just plain tired. Their feet hurt and they are exhausted from long hours and long shifts. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, someone took care of them?! How about a spa or massage?
  • Let’s not forget about our male nurses out there. The equivalent to a spa day for the men? A ticket to their favorite sporting event. Trust me.

Surprise meal

  • Most nurses don’t get much of a break for lunch or dinner…and hospital dining is not something we brag about. What about surprising that special someone with a hot homemade meal at work? If she isn’t at work, surprise her with a visit to THAT restaurant she’s been dying to try.

Weekend get-away

  • This doesn’t have to be expensive or exotic–a nice road trip away from your home town would suffice. Get him away from the hum-drum repetitiveness so he can get a breather.

Get functional

  • This can be a tricky one. What does she need at work? When is the last time she got a new pair of scrubs? How about a new pair of work shoes? How old is her stethoscope? What about her work bag or purse? You may not know where to get these items, but you always can buy a gift card so she can get what she really needs.

Get personal

  • For that special someone in your life, think about what makes him or her tick. For my wife, it’s unique jewelry, new smelling perfume, a warm sweater, etc. Pay attention to what he or she wants and likes..

Finally, and this is very important, DO NOT buy the traditional crap. Yes, I said it. Crap. No chocolate or candy. No flowers. No gym memberships, and whatever you do, don’t go buying some ridiculous “I am a nurse” or nurse-themed paraphernalia.

The chocolate is not healthy. The flowers will die. The gym membership says, “Honey, I think you are overweight,” and the “nursey” paraphernalia will just collect dust.

The modern nurse wants and needs to be treated specially–just like they treat their patients. Figure out a way to make them feel the same way they make their patients feel and you’ll give them the greatest gift of all.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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